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Our process is simple and straightforward, with minimal paperwork and a fast closing timeline. By choosing to work with us, you can benefit from:

Cash offer: We are financially capable of providing you with a cash payment, ensuring a quick and hassle-free transaction. 

No commissions or fees: Unlike traditional real estate transactions, there are no additional costs or hidden fees. What we offer is what you’ll receive. 

As-is condition: We buy properties in their current condition, eliminating the need for repairs or renovations.

Fast closing: Once we reach an agreement, we can move swiftly to close the deal, allowing you to access your funds promptly.

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Let US help YOU with all your land troubles.

Sell today and reap the rewards tomorrow!

We will make a cash offer on any piece of land, whatever the condition and situation!

Your situation and the property’s situation – it doesn’t matter, we are ready to give you a fair cash offer.

We help land owners across the nation who have inherited unwanted land parcel or are behind on payments, owe liens, downsized and can’t sell… even if the property desperately needs grooming.

Owners sell land for many reasons including:

  • Avoiding foreclosure because you’re behind on your taxes
  • Having to continue to pay property taxes on a property you’ll never use
  • Owning unattractive vacant land in the middle of nowhere
  • Your real estate agent had the property on the market for months and was not selling
  • Inheriting a piece of property and will just never use it

We don't care about the condition... we're interested!

We’ll pay in cash for any kind of acreage including:

  • Farm land
  • Forestry use land
  • Rural Land
  • Residential or commercial use land
  • It doesn’t matter!

Want a fair cash offer?

Wondering how much we can pay? Our offers are cash, fast, and no obligation. You pay zero real estate agent commission. Just hit the button below and fill out the form for your offer!

How It All Works

1. Submit your property.

Fill out the form on this page and submit your property. We’ll automatically receive your information and begin our review process. We look at county data, recent sales data, and research comparable properties to determine what we can offer you for your property.

2. We make you a cash offer.

We will contact you either by phone or email to present and discuss with you our offer amount. Once we have come to an agreement, we’ll prepare a purchase agreement and send it your way.

3. You get paid.

Once we receive a signed agreement we will begin the closing process and arrange a closing date with you. Leave all the work to us to close on this property.

Funds will be sent to you by check or wired to your bank account based on your preference!


Unlock the Hidden Value of YOUR Vacant Land



Get a Guaranteed All Cash Offer

We'll give you an all-cash offer on your land parcel.. it doesn't  matter what condition the property is in... don't worry about it.


Sell Your Property Fast​

Our goal is to help make your life easier and get you out from under the property that's stressing you out.


Any Condition. Any Situation.

We'll buy regardless of condition and situation. Avoiding Foreclosure? Facing divorce? Behind on taxes? It doesn't matter.​

START HERE. Fill out this form!
Start Here
To Get Your Cash Offer!

No Fees, No Commissions And We Pay All The Closing Costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

"I receive offers for my property all the time, why should I choose Liberty Land Wealth?"

We ENSURE a high level of convenience and care on every property. It’s important to research and choose a reputable party. Here are a few reasons why choosing our company can be beneficial for you:

1. Expertise: Our company specializes in land investing. We understand the intricacies of the land market. We can provide you with valuable insights and guidance throughout the selling process.

2. Competitive Offers: We strive to provide competitive offers for vacant land. Our goal is to  assess each land parcel individually, taking into account its unique characteristics and market conditions.

3. Streamlined Process: We pride ourselves on offering a streamlined and efficient selling process. We understand that your time is valuable, so we aim to make the transaction as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our team handles all the necessary paperwork and logistics, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

4. Flexibility: We recognize that each landowner has unique needs and preferences. Our company is committed to working closely with you to understand your specific goals and tailor our approach accordingly. We offer flexible options to accommodate your requirements, whether it’s a quick sale or a longer timeline.

5. Trust and Integrity: Trust is essential when choosing a company to sell your land. 

"I dont want to submit my property through this site, can I call instead?"

Yes, You can email or call, but submitting your property through our online forms is the most convenient way to sell your land.

[email protected]


"What will you do with my property once you buy it?"

Our main goal as a Land Investing company is to maximize the value of the property purchase. After purchasing your property, our specific plans may vary based on various factors such as location, market conditions and potential use cases. 

1. Developments: If the property has development potential, we may consider options such as sub-division of the property, repurposing or construction of residential, commercial or mixed-use buildings.

2. Land Bank: In some cases we hold a property as an investment and strategically await the right time to sell or develop it based on market trends and potential appreciation. 

3. Land reclamation: We can take initiatives to increase the value of the land, such as clearing the land, landscaping or improving access to services and infrastructure to make it more attractive to potential buyers or developers. 

4. Resale: Another option is to resell the property to interested buyers or developers who recognize the potential value and have specific plans for use. 

"Is there a cost for your services?"

There is not. WE pay all the costs to acquire your property.

"How quickly can you make me an offer?"

It depends on how backed up we are and it will be no longer than 48 hours after your first contact/ interest in selling is show.

"You sent me a PURCHASE AGREEMENT, what is that?"

It is an agreement that allows us to purchase your land for the pre-determined price. Through parcel research we determine the rough value of the land and send you the offer for it.

"How do I get paid for my property?"

Depending on our agreement and your preference, we typically offer one or more of the following payment methods:

1. Cash Payment: We can offer you a straightforward cash payment for your property, providing you with immediate funds for your land sale.

2. Installment Plan: If you prefer a structured payment approach, we can negotiate an installment plan. This allows us to make regular payments over an agreed-upon period, giving you a steady income stream.

3. Seller Financing: In some cases, we may offer seller financing. This means we will make payments directly to you over time, acting as the lender. This option can be advantageous if you’re seeking long-term income and are open to receiving payments in installments.

"What are the benefits of submitting my property information on this website?"

There are a few:

1. You make the first step towards a touch decision, but still are not locked into any agreements.

2. Expert property valuation.

3. Reliable and secure transaction.

4. Access to cash-buyers.


About Our Company.

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